Creative Community Dance classes offered both online and outdoors!
February 1st – March 15th

Creative Community Dance in Virtual Space
A class for 4 – 10 year-olds
Saturdays, 10:00 – 11:00 am
February 6th – March 20th (7 class series)
$50 – $120 sliding scale. Scholarships and barter options available.

This class is a sweet, playful, low-key way for children to get some energy out from home, be witnessed for their amazing moves and feel some connection with other kids (and a teacher!) who share a love of creative dance.

We’ll start out with some fun rhyming warmups together and then do a bunch of structured “free dances” and dance games with loose prompts that can be adapted for a variety of ages and physical spaces. We will dance with stuffed animals, make silly faces at each other, roll on couches and roll with whatever comes into our respective rooms together. Classes will end with a chance for children to watch each other dance and a guided relaxation. 

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Creative Community Dance in Winter Wonderland!
An outdoor, COVID-cautious dance class for 7 – 10 year-olds
in the backyard of dance teacher Anna Hendricks in Gill, MA
Tuesdays, 4:00 – 5:30pm (in case of freezing cold weather or snow the class will meet on the Thursday following the canceled class)
February 2nd – March 16th (7 classes)

Back by popular demand after a boisterous fall session, this class is part outdoor adventure part community dance class. Centered around inclusive community building as much as creative exploration and physical activity, we will begin each class by gathering (distantly!) around a fire to share in words and movements about our lives. We’ll practice a robust and active warm-up to get our blood moving and our bodies bouncing to the rhythm of familiar tunes and then move into a series of improvisational dance explorations practices alone and with friends. Along the way we’ll take breaks for snacks around the fire and visits with the chickens, the cat and the dog. And we might just make up a few dances. Given that we will be dancing outside in all sorts of conditions (ice, deep snow, perhaps even mud!) this class will be deeply improvisational, experimental and lots of FUN.

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