Great Falls Creative Movement
was founded by dance educator Anna Hendricks in January of ’09 and offers  creative dance education for children in and around Franklin County, MA.  Our programs include a comprehensive creative dance program at our studio in Turners Falls as well as programming and artist in residence opportunities at schools and community centers throughout the area.

Our studio-based program, based out The Brick House Community Resource Center’s Movement Studio,  offers on-going classes classes during the school year, a week-long summer dance program, and performance opportunities through our children’s dance company Awesome Art in Motion.

Our community-based programs are run in collaboration with area schools, libraries and community centers and offer free dance education through ongoing classes, artist in residencies and one-time workshops.

Great Falls Creative Movement has been awarded three STARS Residencies and has received cultural council grants in the towns of Gill, Montague, Erving, Leverett, Shuttesbury, Wendell, New Salem and Colrain. 

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Our Philosophy:

Great Falls Creative Movement teach dancers young and old to find new and creative ways to express themselves through movement while building physical confidence and skill.  Fostering a love of movement and dance is our number one goal.  Dancers discover for themselves their own ranges of movement: How BIG they can move and how small; how fast and how slow.  The process of self-discovery is satisfying! Classes help foster strong self-image, self-awareness and self-direction and offer the unique opportunity to engage mind, body and spirit at the same time.