Great Falls Creative Movement was founded by dance educator Anna Hendricks in ’09 and offers unique dance programming for kids (and sometimes adults!) at our studio, our outdoor/farm location and in partnership with schools and community groups in and around Franklin County, MA.

Our program focuses on building social, emotional, spiritual and physical wellness through dance. Our curriculum weaves together improvisation, social dance, therapeutic dance and concert dance practices with the goal of supporting each participants’ positive relationship with their own mind/body/spirit, with each other and with the wider world.

At our studio in downtown Turners Falls we offer two programs during the school year. For pre-k and kindergarteners we offer: How do you dance?”  an inclusive, community-based creative dance curriculum. For elementary-aged children (1st – 6th grade) we offer: Awesome Art in Motion*, a year-long dance program for kids. This program is above all a place for kids to come together to be themselves and to learn to love each other; with dance and the body as central to what we do together.

Our outdoor programs bring together dance and outdoor education with the goal of supporting the health and well-being of each participant and of the earth we live on. Our programs take place on Abanaki, Pocumtuck, Nipmuc and Mohican land- in what is now known as GIll, MA – on a part-wild/part-cultivated homestead within walking distance of the Gill Elementary School. Outdoor programming includes after school classes for elementary aged students during the school year and small scale week-long summer programs for 4 – 12 year-olds throughout the summer months.

Our school and community-based programs are run in collaboration with area schools, libraries and community centers and offer free dance education through ongoing classes, artist in residencies and one-time workshops.

Great Falls Creative Movement has been awarded seven STARS Residencies grants andnd has received cultural council grants in the towns of Gill, Montague, Erving, Leverett, Shuttesbury, Wendell, New Salem and Colrain. 

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Teaching Philosophy:

My teaching practice is based on the belief that all children are dancers and artists. I believe in teaching dance as a cultural practice of communal meaning-making. I see the dance classroom as a place to learn to be(differently) in the world. My dance classes are spaces for children to practice relating to their whole selves, each other, the world beyond with care. My role as a teacher is to meet each child and each group of students where they are; culturally, physically and emotionally.  I facilitate dance and movement experiences for my students that build off of the embodied knowledge and cultures of the student’s in the room and draw from the large toolbox of dance and movement practices I have found most resonant in my own life. My dance classes are social and personal, sacred and silly, cultural and culture-making.