Free creative dance classes for children ages 2 – 5 and their caregivers
Fall, 2018. At The Wendel Library


In fall 2018 we will be offering a free 4-part series of creative movement dance classes for children ages 2 – 5 and their caregivers. The series will be held at the Wendell Library and is being funded through a grant from the New Salem Cultural Council. This program is being offered in partnership with the Community Network for Children. Stay tuned for dates!

Classes will build comfort and exposure in using the body as a form of expression, support brain development through “the brain dance”, a series of brain-supporting movements patterns based on human development, and support overall physical health through exercise. Each class will be focused on one movement concept such as level, speed, shape or flow. Concepts will be introduced and explored through the brain dance and through dance explorations and prompts performed alone, with caregivers and as a group. Children will learn experientially, as well as from watching and copying movements performed by the participants and the teacher. Classes will end with a guided meditation