Anna Hendricks, founder, director, dance educator

Anna Hendricks is a dance educator, multi-disciplinary artist and justice-seeker living in Franklin County, MA. She has been teaching community-based creative dance and dance-making to children for the past 20 years.

Anna grew up in a family of musicians and art-makers. She received her early dance training in ballet and creative dance and spent most of her free time making up dances, constructing elaborate costumes, composing music and producing theatrical spectacles with her friends and family. As a young adult, while continuing to train in concert dance forms, Anna became heavily involved with social justice work; joining the anti-globalization movement, becoming an organizer with Resource Generation, and working with The Prison Birth Project. During this time she became deeply inspired by the community engaged dance companies the Urban Bush Women and the Dance Exchange, practices which informed her on-going work as a dance educator.

In 2007 Anna moved from her hometown of Boston to Gill, MA to start a collective homestead and a family, where she continues to live with her partner, her 12-year-old and many animals and friends. In 2009 Anna founded Great Falls Creative Movement (GFCM), A Franklin County based organization offering social-justice informed creative dance programming at The Brick House Community Resource Center, as well as in schools, nursing homes and community organizations. Through GFCM Anna has received 7 STARS Residency grants, 8 local cultural grants, partnered with over 20 schools and organizations and produced 5 evening-length productions of student choreography.

In 2016 Anna was awarded a Frances Perkins Scholarship to finish her undergraduate degree at MtHolyoke College. She received her BA in dance with a focus on interdisciplinary arts and education in 2020. While at MtHolyoke she studied with Molly Christie Gonzalez, Jodi Falk, Dasha Chapman, Lester Tome, Mei Ann Teo, Wendy Woodson, Lailye Weidman, Paul Matteson, Nancy Stark-Smith, Jake Mejinsky, Jenna Riegel and Barbie Diewald. She performed in work by Bebe Miller and choreographed a solo work, “meet me out there” performed at Amherst College. Anna’s research has focused on anti-racist practices of naming lineage and contextualizing dance in dance education with children. She is fed in all of her work by an ongoing intimate queer research “movetank” practice with Julia Handschuh and Lailye Weidman.

Sofia/Oliver, teachers assistant

Hi! My name is Sofia/Oliver, I am 14 and have been dancing with Anna for 10 years and was one of the original dancers in the program Awesome Art in Motion. I have also taken classes at other dance studios, but Great Falls Creative Movement has always been my favorite. This past year I have helped out with Anna’s classes she held in Gill.

I live with my mom, my brother, and my dog, Violet and am entering high school at Four Rivers Charter School. I have quick sense of humor and a tendency to be bold. It’s totally worth it to say that I am also very kind and big hearted; that’s what my mother told me to write. I love creating art, jewelry and other crafts and am often found writing poetry, stories and occasionally music.

I am hopeful that this experience will give me the opportunity to grow as both a dancer and a person. I am super excited to be working with Anna this year and to be helping out with some of the classes