Creative Community Dance classes offered both online and outdoors!

Creative Community Dance in Virtual Space
A class for 4 – 10 year-olds
Saturdays, 10:00 – 11:00 am
April 3rd – May 15th (7 class series)
$50 – $120 sliding scale. Scholarships and barter options available.

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Moving with the Mud / Dancing Stories
An outdoor, COVID-cautious dance and dance-making class for 7 – 10 year-olds
in the backyard of dance teacher Anna Hendricks in Gill, MA
Tuesdays, 4:00 – 6:00pm (Friday rain dates)
April 13th – June 8th (9 classes)
Performance date: June 8th, 5pm
$110 – $350

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Class Descriptions:

Creative Community Dance in Virtual Space:
This class is a sweet, playful, low-key way for children to get some energy out from home, be witnessed for their amazing moves and feel some connection with other kids (and a teacher!) who share a love of free-style or creative dance.

We’ll start each class with a group welcome and a warm up dance that can be adapted for different ages and skill levels. We’ll then explore some dance content together. Some days this will mean learning about movement concepts like speed, level, shape and flow. Other days we’ll learn about a new dance artist or musician or a particular style of dance. The content I choose is aimed at expanding each childs ideas of what dance can be and the many ways one can dance. Whatever the content, we’ll explore it both through conversation and through a number of structured “free dances”. We will dance with stuffed animals, make silly faces at each other, roll on couches and roll with whatever comes into our respective rooms together. Classes will end with a chance for children to watch each other dance and a guided relaxation. 

Moving with the Mud / Dancing Stories:

Join me for the 3rd session of this experimental new outdoor dance class! This class is part outdoor adventure, part community dance class and this spring, part story-dance creation workshop!  Centered around inclusive community building as much as creative exploration and physical activity, we will begin each class by gathering to share in words and movements about our lives. We’ll practice a robust and active warm-up to get our blood moving and our bodies bouncing to the rhythm of familiar tunes and then move into a series of improvisational dances designed to attitune each child to their own mind/body, to each other and to the environment. We’ll then turn our attention towards creating a story dance! Working from a favorite picture book, we will figure out how to tell the tale using music, the environment and our bodies. We’ll share our creation with families on the last day of class. 

Along the way we’ll take breaks for snacks and visits with the chickens, the cat and the dog. Thematic content aimed at expanding each childs ideas about the many different ways people dance will be woven into each class.