The Dancing Potatoes; Contemporary Dance and Composition is a year-long class and performance group meeting from September – early June. The program includes a weekly dance class followed by a composition class and rehearsal for the children’s dance company, Awesome Art in Motion.









The 2018/2019 season is now in session and is closed for registration. Our 2019/2020 session will begin in September of 2019. Registration opens in August.

The Dancing Potatoes meet weekly on Wednesdays from 3:45 – 6:15,  following the public school vacation calendar, from mid September – early June. At least 5 additional rehearsals, performances and/or community dance experiences will be scheduled outside of class time throughout the year.

Full year tuition for this program is $500 – $1000 sliding scale.
A payment of $200 – $400 is due at the time of registration.

Registration for the 2018/2019 school year is now closed.

You can also learn about our bartering and payment plan  options and scholarship program.



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2018 performance at the Shea Theater

This program’s goal is to create a movement and body positive space that will support the creative, physical and emotional health of each of our students.

With the goal in mind, each week our practice includes a variety of the following activities:

  • Mindfulness practices and self-based dance explorations; to take care of ourselves and increase our awareness of our physical and emotional states as well as our own creative impulses.  Activities include meditation, breathing exercises, time for eyes-closed or inwardly focused free movement, guided warm-up of the body, physical skills building.
  • Partnering exercises; from lifting and weight-sharing, to mirroring to creating short dances together, partnering is where we practice learning and communicating what we want and don’t want in each dance. It is where we practice supporting, witnessing and ultimately playing with another.
  • Group dances and sharing: Including movement games, rigorous group movement exercises, open improvisations, collaborative dance-making and performance production, sharing creative work and giving and receiving artistic feedback. This is where we practice staying true to our own needs, desires and impulses while honoring the group. It is where we learn to value the uniqueness of each dancer and come to see ourselves as an important part of a whole.