bow!Join Awesome Art in Motion next September! Awesome Art in Motion is open to 7 – 12 year-olds who are concurrently registered for the Flying Kangaroos dance class.

We rehearse on Wednesdays from 4:45 – 5:45 following the Flying Kangaroos class (Wednesdays 3:45 – 4:45).  Dancers must be willing to make a year-long commitment to the company and must be able to participate in several performances throughout the year outside of our rehearsal time. Rehearsals will begin the third week of September.

Awesome Art in Motion is a children’s performance group founded in 2013  which provides elementary school aged children the opportunity to create and perform unique dance-based performance pieces.  Awesome Art in Motion creates dances using improvisational and choreographic dance-making methods,  with concepts, choreography, costume and set design created collaboratively between company members. To date Awesome Art in Motion has created nine pieces, and has performed these pieces at a variety of locations in Turners Falls and Greenfield