Interested in bringing more creative learning opportunities AND physical activity to your school community without any cost to the school?

Creative dance educator Anna Hendricks leads residencies and workshops in creative dance with Pre-K through 6th grade in schools throughout Franklin County.

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What is a creative dance residency?
In a creative dance residency, the visiting dance artist designs a creative dance program to support curriculum, values or goals of the school or participating classrooms. Some themes from past residencies include: literacy, simple machines, and learning about safe physical boundaries between bodies. During the residency, the visiting artist moves between participating classrooms, leading daily creative movement classes. Residencies conclude with a final event, open to the greater school community, to share the children’s creative work.

What is creative dance?
It is dance that values the many different and unique ways humans move and dance. In creative dance, we explore movement concepts like body shapes, speed, rhythm and level. We explore alone, in partners and as a group, practicing being respectful of and joyful in our own bodies as well as in relation to other bodies.  Dancers discover their own ranges of movement through creative problem solving and discovery and use their explorations to create dances that resonate with who they are.

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How are residencies funded?
Funding is available for artist residencies through the Massachusetts Cultural Councils STARS residencies program. In the past three years, Anna Hendricks has lead eight week-long residencies, most of them receiving full funding from STARS grants. The application process is simple and the text is supplied by the visiting artist. The deadline for this years residencies is October 10th.  Other past funding sources include school PTO’s and local cultural council grants (due October 15th).

How long is a residency?
Residencies and can range in length from three days to three weeks. Each classroom typically participates in the residency 45 min – 1 hour/day.

Who participates?
Residencies can take place throughout an entire school, or with one particular grade, or group of interested teachers. Residencies can take place (and receive state funding) in both public and private schools.

Why is creative movement important for schools?
Though physical expression (dance) is a primary mode of expression for at least ⅓ of the population, dance is routinely un(der) funded in school settings. Residencies are an amazing way to infuse a school with movement-based learning. The many classroom teachers who have participated in residencies have been thrilled to be able to integrate creative dance concepts and activities into their classrooms after the residencies have concluded.partner improv 1 e


More about dance educator Anna Hendricks…
Anna Hendricks has been teaching children’s movement classes to children in both public school and private settings for the past 17 years. In 2009 Anna founded Great Falls Creative Movement, a Franklin County based dance school offering comprehensive creative dance education for children at a the Movement Studio in Turners Falls as well as programming and artist in residence opportunities at schools and community centers in the area. Anna has been awarded six STARS Residencies grants and has received 10 local cultural council grants to support movement education in Franklin County. She has also served as a dance educator on the staff of the Giving Tree preschool and the Academy of Early Learning in Greenfield.

More photos of past residencies
Photos from 2017 residency at the Hillcrest Elementary School
Photos from 2018 Residency at the Village School in Royalston, MA.

Creative Dance residencies with Anna Hendricks in the NEWS.
Article from the Athol Daily News about our Fisher Hill Elementary School Residency, January 2018

Article from the Montague Reporter about Residency at Hillcrest Elementary

School Residencies and workshops in the 2017/2018 school year
The Village School, Royalston, MA, January 2018
Fisher Hill Elementary School. Orange, MA, January 2018
Gill Elementary School. Gill, MA, May 2018

School Residencies in the 2016/2017 school year
Hillcrest Elementary School, Turners Falls, MA
The Village School, Royalston, MA
Fisher Hill Elementary School. Orange, MA. May 2017.

Great Falls Creative Movement has offered programming in partnership with the  following institutions:
Community Network for Children, Franklin County MA
Fisher Hill Elementary School, Orange MA
The Village School, Royalston MA
The Giving Tree Pre-School, Gill MA
Hillcrest Elementary School, Montague MA
Gill Elementary School, Gill MA
Colrain Center School, Colrain MA
The Academy of Early Learning, Greenfield MA
The Hampshire Franklin Children’s Day Care Center, Leverett MA
The Enchanted Forest After school program at Swift River Elementary, New Salem MA
The Gill Library, Gill MA
The Wendell Library, Wendell MA
The Neighborhood Schoolhouse, Brattleboro MA
The Hilltop Montessori School, Brattleboro MA
The United Arc, Franklin County MA
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