Fun and Affordable dance classes for everyone!

Great Falls Creative Movement was founded by dance teacher Anna Hendricks  in January of ’09 and offers creative movement classes in Franklin County, MA and Windham County VT.

Great Falls Creative Movement (GFCM) offers private classes during the school year at the The Brick House Community Resource Center in Turners Falls, as well as a week long creative dance camp each August at the same location. This year GFCM added a new program, a children’s dance company called “Awesome Art in Motion”. The company, made up of GFCM students ages five and older, work collaboratively with Anna to create performance pieces which have been performed through the First Thursdays program of Riverculture in Turners Falls, as well as in the great outdoors.

In addition to programming at The Brick House, this year Great Falls Creative Movement provided regular movement classes at The Giving Tree Pre-School, The Academy of Early Learning in Greenfield, the Hampshire Franklin Children’s Day Care Center in Leverett, the Enchanted Forest After school program at the Swift River school in Wendell, and at the SoBo studio in Brattleboro VT.  Great Falls Creative Movement has been a cultural council grant recipient in the towns of Montague, Erving, Leverett, Shuttesbury, Wendell, and New Salem.


Great Falls Creative Movement teach dancers young and old to find new and creative ways to express themselves through movement while building physical confidence and skill.  Fostering a love of movement and dance is our number one goal.  Dancers discover for themselves their own ranges of movement: How BIG they can move and how small; how fast and how slow.  The process of self-discovery is satisfying! Classes help foster strong self-image, self-awareness and self-direction and offer the unique opportunity to engage mind, body and spirit at the same time.